High frequency seismic profiling is one of the most important methods of study of sea-floor sediments. At the present time numerous instrumental and methodological modifications are developed and broadly used. In most cases using of one-channel profiling is quite enough for water areas with simple structure of sea-floor sediments. However, for certain sea-floor sediments characterized complex structure, identification of reliability horizons configuration and increasing their traceability are problems of today. One way around these problems is application of the deep-towed acoustic system with multichannel tow. <br>In the present work, travel time processing features are discussed. These data were collected at the Kandalaksha Gulf (White Sea, Kola Peninsula, Russia), 2005-2006. Author anticipated in this geophysical survey. We used a sparker as a marine seismic impulsive source and 16-channel piezoelectric seismograph. Data were processed by means of standard procedure which is called the CMP method. <br>


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