In this study a ray theoretical method is used to estimate the medium statistical parameters of a random medium from traveltime fluctuations of diving refracted waves. In the method, the formulas for estimating the medium statistical parameters have been derived by considering Gaussian Autocorrelation Function (ACF). It has been a question whether the studied medium is Gaussian or not, and whether the formulas derived by considering Gaussian random medium will give successful estimations for media having non-Gaussian ACF’s such as exponential and von Kármán. For this purpose random refractive media are prepared by considering Gaussian, Exponential and von Kármán ACFs and the formulas are used to estimate the medium parameters: the standard deviation of the medium fluctuations, the covariance function and the characteristic scale lengths of the scatterers both in horizontal and vertical directions. It is shown that in case of sufficiently smooth random media and sufficient medium realizations, the medium statistical parameters are reasonably well estimated with Gaussian ACF based formulas, although the medium is not represented by a Gaussian ACF.


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