Data Management is key element of any E&P activity starting from exploration, drilling, completion to production. E&P companies design various data sources to accumulate these data flowing at various stages of any asset life. Available historical data provides key insights in decission making. However, many organazations face challange due to unavalibility of relevant data in single repository. E&P companies are increasingly trying to adapt a solution that can help them with correlation of data across all existing data sources and to provide long term data archive and retrieval mechanism without affecting their daily operational activities. However, real benefit of such solution would be to able to feed the engineering applications on real-time basis to support trend analysis, reservoir surveillance and studies, data reporting, inquiry & data export. This paper discusses Eni Pakistan’s experience regarding its execution of production data management. It examines usage of business objects as integrating factor across multiple repositories and how different technologies are utilized to create a holistic view of production data. Furthermore, it also highlights available approaches towards the management of repository and how this repository was integrated with OFM, Eclipse, Petrel & IPM suite of applications to achieve production optimization and quick recovery.


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