We present a novel technique to estimate the data of the vertical component of particle motion from marine single-component pressure data. The particle motion data, bar an angle dependent obliquity factor, is computed by convolution of the output from L1 deconvolution of the pressure ghost wavelet with the corresponding ghost wavelet of the particle motion. The estimated particle motion data is then used in a conventional two-component technique for receiver ghost attenuation by combination with the original pressure-wave data. We applied our technique to deep-tow streamer data of a 3D over/sparse-under marine survey, in which six streamers were towed at a shallow depth, with two further streamers towed deeper. This data set enables us to compare the results from our single-component deghosting technique with optimum deghosting of the over/sparse-under data. We will show that our technique achieves improvements in bandwidth of the single-component pressure data, while not fully reaching the quality of the optimally deghosted data from the over/sparse-under survey.


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