Here we put forward a method to separate P and S wave field. Three-component seismic acquisition technology used in VSP and cross-well seismic recorded wealthy seismic wave field. The P-wave and S-wave (P/S wave) couple together, which is the difficulty of data processing. Through analyzing borehole seismic acquisition system, and combining with polarity relation of P/S wave in different components, we can associate polarity of P/S wave with apparent velocity and direction of seismic wave reaching the geophone array. According to this relation, we get the distribution relation of P/S wave in domain based on the linear Radon transform (LRT). Considering the convergence of LRT, we design a polarization filtering method using the high-resolution Radon transform, and then accomplish the separation of P/S wave. Processing of simulated data of theoretical model and practical cross-well data from ShengLi oil field show our method of P/S wave separation is effective and reliable.


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