In this work we present the virtual-signal deconvolution by virtual reflector (VR). We extend the concept of multidimensional deconvolution (MDD) of seismic interferometry by crosscorrelation (SI) to the case of virtual reflector representation, which is expressed using interferometry by crossconvolution. The interferometry virtual-reflector MDD approach, similar to that of seismic interferometry by crosscorrelation, is used to obtain deconvolved outcoming wavefields. We show examples where we compare different interferometry deconvolution approaches with borehole signals, including seismic interferometry by crosscorrelation and by crossconvolution. A difference for the virtual reflector application with respect to the equivalent crosscorrelation one is in the phase stability with different spatial operators. The method can be considered as an alternative or additional solution, and used for joint inversion purposes in the presence of noise.


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