Dedicated 'Fluids and fluid flow' Shallow gas in the Dutch offshore predominantly occurs in shallow marine to continental deposits of the Plio-Pleistocene Eridanos delta. The origin of the shallow gas may be deep subsurface thermogenic sources or biogenic sources in shallower strata. It is either structurally trapped in anticlines associated with rising salt domes or occurs in stratigraphic or depositional traps. The shallow gas accumulations may represent a valuable additional hydrocarbon resource, especially if located near existing infrastructures. Shallow gas production in the Dutch offshore is still limited due to a lack of insight in the shallow gas systems especially with respect to the relation between the anatomy of the delta and charging/trapping conditions. This paper presents an ongoing joint industry project of TNO and 5 operators that aims to find the relationship between shallow gas charging and trapping and the depositional settings (play types) within the Eridanos delta deposits, in order to increase effective exploration, production, and hazard assessment.


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