Aln Island on the east coast of Sweden is well-known for its alkaline and carbonatite igneous rocks. Detailed surface geological mapping studies provide a good knowledge of the surface geology, from which geological structures and their depth extent have been inferred. The aim of this research is to constrain geological structures at depth and to improve our understanding of the intrusion mechanism(s) and the geometry of the Aln complex as well as similar intrusions elsewhere. Three high-resolution reflection seismic profiles were acquired during 2011 across the complex. The seismic profiles suggest that the intrusion is highly reflective down to about 3 km at where the reflectivity terminates. Densely sampled surface gravity and magnetic data have also been acquired along the seismic profiles and in combination with petrophysical measurements and the seismic data will allow to construct a detailed 3D geological model of the Aln complex.


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