Due to the development of the Barier Reef System (BRS) within upper Jurassic succession in Bukhara-Khiva province it was interesting for us to study the seismic display of its facies. So the main objective of the study was to conduct 2D seismic facies analysis within BRS with the application of the integrated interpretation of geology-geophysical data. Analyzing a wave pattern, synthetic seismograms and the model lithologic-facies sections it was possible to track regularities and to show connections between geological facies and its seismic display. Carried out seismic formation analysis of seismic sections has allowed to learn BRS on wave field in details. As a result, the set of features of a wave pattern have been revealed as the detecting tool in the interpretation of the seismic data on less learnt fields with the purpose of prediction hydrocarbon reservoirs.


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