lot of EPR parameters have been detected from rock powders: E’(g=2.0005 - quartz), Mn2+ (carbonates), (dolomite), Fe3+, SO2-, SO3-, Rorg. It was revealed remarkable variation of these parameters along the stratotypical Urzhumian section due to sedimentation and diagenesis of rocks. Seven typical mineralogical compositions have been determined by EPR signals composition: 1) calcite; 2) calcite and ferromagnetic minerals; 3) calcite and dolomite; 4) calcite, dolomite and ferromagnetic minerals; 5) calcite and ferromagnetic minerals; 5) dolomite and ankerite; 6) quartz and ferromagnetic minerals. It was demonstrated and estimated the distribution of these compositions within section in comparing with magnetic susceptibility change and variations of ratio Sr/Ba. It was selectively proved the palaeogeographic trend of sedimentary basin evolution from marine to continental environments and influence of late diagenetic processes on rocks formation.


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