This work generalizes the research of the unique Yaregskoye oilfield using electron spin resonance, optical and electronic microscopy and chromatography-mass spectrometry which were made by us in laboratories of KFU geological faculty. We have particularly studied the material constitution and structural-textural features of sandstones of the III oil-containing bed, it’s genesis and we also have interpret the processes of Yaregskoye oilfield oil enrichment with vanadium on the basis of the hydrogeological (infiltration) mechanism. There are probably both mechanisms of oil enrichment with vanadium on Yaregskoye oil field, but according to the data we got the dominant role in generation of Yaregskoye vanadium-containing field of oil and gas obviously belongs to the processes related to underground waters infiltration and their contact to an oil body eventually. The results we got during this research work are of great practical and scientific importance, because they help us understand the nature of oil fields connected with vanadium-containing doleritic dykes and approximate to the generation nature of vanadium-containing fields of oil and gas.


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