Geomechanical behaviour prediction is critical to resolving problems related to oil and gas exploration, drilling, completions, reservoir management and production. Geomechanical characterisation requires the detection, measure and estimation of rock properties and in-situ stresses. Success of the estimation relies upon accurate characterisation of geomechanical model inputs. This paper describes work recently completed to create an Integrated Geomechanics Platform that facilitates the storage of raw geomechanical data with the tools necessary to interpret and exploit that data. The particular example (of the use of the Platform) provided in this paper focuses on the realisation of a comprehensive Pre-Drill Analysis Workflow in response to the requirement to improve productivity of operated fields by focussing on Wellbore Stability issues. The innovation in this Workflow is not only related to being able to complete a complex Pre-Drill Analysis study (even in instances where data may be incomplete), but thereafter during drilling operations when non-productive time due to adverse drilling events is mitigated by a risk-based drilling plan that facilitates pre-emptive action. The Integrated Geomechanics Platform can facilitate best practice roll-out into operational groups as well as help mitigate the chronic lack of skill and expertise that has become a serious dilemma for our industry.


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