Global exploration and production of vital energy resources continues to push new frontiers and the stakes for accessing these energy supplies have never been higher politically or economically. The energy industry therefore must seek to take full advantage of geophysical technologies not only to mitigate safety and environmental risks of oil and gas operations, but also to improve project economics. Already geophysical technologies have enabled oil and gas producers to drill fewer, safer, smarter and more productive wells in increasingly challenging plays over time. Further consistent application of proven geophysical technologies, however, is critical to ensuring the industry’s future ability to reliably access energy resources. IAGC President Chip Gill, co-authored with top geophysical industry company CEOs, will discuss how emerging geophysical technologies are being used successfully to reduce exploration and production risks and the importance of standardized application of such technologies to limiting over-regulation of operations and regaining public trust in the reputation and integrity of the oil and gas industry.


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