proximal suboxic – anoxic basinal environment. The analyzed samples showed relatively low percentages of Total Organic Carbon indicating generally a poor source rock quality. Maturity stage of Aliji Formation has been evaluated using visual kerogen analysis and pyrolysis technique in addition to GC analysis for one sample from the total eighteen samples selected for this study. Thermal Alteration Index for the observed and identified palynomorphs (Dinoflagellates) ranged between 2 and 3- indicating immature to early stage of maturity for the studied section. The measured reflectance for few Vitrinite particles at the depth 2900m showed 0.46% indicating still thermally immature stage. Pyrolysis analysis for five samples also supported the early stages of maturity to immature condition of the formation with Tmax values between 416 and 435C°. The quality of the examined and analyzed organic matters appeared to be mostly type III and II as detected from HI, OI, and the Pristane/Phytane ratios.


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