The Guyana basin, located offshore Guyana and Suriname, lies just southeast of the giant oil and gas fields of Trinidad and Venezuela. Up to now, no major discoveries have been made, but hydrocarbon seeps along the coast line and oil shows in the continental shelf, indicate a working petroleum system. The basin is basically under-explored and exploration wells drilled in the 70’s and 80’s in addition to ODP wells drilled in 2003 in the Demerara rise showed a world-class Late Cretaceous source rock (Meyers et al., 2006). A key problem observed in the wells, is that most of the source rocks seem to be immature. In this study, we used interpreted 2D vintage seismic data together with well information to create a pseudo 3D basin model of the continental shelf of Guyana basin in order to better understand and evaluate the maturity of the source rock in time and space.


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