Because of the enormous coal resource base and the economical challenges associated with its large-scale exploitation, the Donets Basin has a centuries-long history of coal exploration. Single total gaseous hydrocarbon system encompassing the entire sedimentary succession is identified in the Donbas. The numerical basin modeling of the Ukrainian part of the Donbas indicates that Carboniferous coals and dispersed organic matter in coal-bearing measures are thermally mature in the deep basin and have generated large volumes of thermogenic gaseous hydrocarbons in deep-seated reservoirs. Gas from deep overpressured compartment and low-permeability levels may have escaped via several major fault and fracture zones or through outcrops along the margins of the basin. Taking into account the unique concentration of coal reserves, tremendous mass of coaly dispersed in clastic rocks material, we can conclude that there is a great opportunity of targeting here one of the biggest unconventional deep basin gas deposits.


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