The analysis of reservoir properties of gas-saturated horizons from some wells of Ż field and a created velocity model of gas reservoir are presented. First, the relations between reservoir parameters and bulk densities were established on the basis of laboratory data. Second, the effects of mud-filtrate invasion on resistivity logs from HRAI tool in Ż-76 well were studied. Third, the compressional (VPEQ) and shear (VSEQ) velocities of waves were calculated based on the theoretical Biot-Gassmann model for selected intervals of Ż-76 well. A series of calculations with the use of a method similar to so-called fluid substitution was also performed. It was proven that even a small volume of gas present in the pore space of reservoir rocks (Sg) significantly decreases P-wave propagation velocity (P) while its effect on S-wave velocity is much lower.


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