Guneshli - Chiraq field along with Shah Deniz, Azeri, Oil Rocks fields is one of the largest producing oil and gas fields of the South Caspian basin. It is located 120km far from Baku, on the northeast of Absheron peninsula, between Oil Rocks and Azeri fields. Natural reservoir and consisting in them oil and gas deposits occur almost in all horizons of the middle Pliocene aged Productive Series (PS). Complex geological structure of hydrocarbon’s deposits are conditioned by, first of all, multiple tectonic faults and lithologic-collector nonuniformity of natural objects, and also very important is the source of detrital materials added to this region by Paleo -Volga, which takes part in sedimentary formation’s creation. The feature of formation of South Caspian oil and gas basin is full settled in Guneshli-Chiraq field area as well. The formation of hydrocarbon’s structural trap of Guneshli-Chiraq field was occurred on the early stage of Late Pliocene with apotheosis in Post Pliocene period. The filling of traps by hydrocarbons probably Oligocene – Miocene aged was proceeded during short intervals of tectonic activity and this is the reason of features of oil and gas saturation in this area.


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