Some of myths circulating in Arabian communities, if we believed in positively may play a role in renewing some of old fashion abandoned scientific techniques and may lead to develop this scientific art unintentionally.The target of this study is to apply a very cheap investigation plan in order to detect an assumed quantity of metals had been assembled somewhere.Very Low Frequency – Electromagnetic method (VLF–EM) had selected to be the key tool and method applied to detect the target.In this study, and depending on the assumed target, we expected to get some of high equivalent current density values representing conductive media but on the contrary, we got some of low equivalent current density values which imply the presence of very resistive body. Karous & Hjelt (1983) and butterworth filter had applied Consecutively. many of negative sign values are merged together to form only one extended negative sign anomaly of L-Shape.This anomaly confirmed the presence of resistive body which reveal the presence of buried old tunnel. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any gold or metals within that tunnel; it was empty except some of very old human bones.


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