Passive Seismic Tomography has been applied for exploration at various scales, ranging from a reconnaissance tool to a reservoir level. An example of its broad range of applications is the Delvina Passive Seismic Tomography project, a two-phase study that has been completed in the Delvina Gas Field area, SW Albania. The study area is a mountainous thrust-belt zone and the productive structure is located underneath an evaporitic layer. This project provided useful information, concerning a particularly complex reservoir. Even though the gas field is producing during the last 25 years and despite all the geophysical studies that have been realized in the area, the geometry and extent of the reservoir had never been positively delineated. In that scope, contribution of Passive Seismic Tomography results was important in providing a well-constrained scenario concerning the productive structure, being at the same time in accordance with all available data. Besides, those results played a critical role in well-placement decisions. Last, but not least, the fact that Passive Seismic Tomography provided information both on p-wave and on s-wave velocities resulted in a multi-parameter 3D space, the evaluation of which indicated the existence of possible target areas for further exploration.


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  1. Martakis, N., Gjoka, M. and Marku, S.
    [2013] Passive Seismic Tomography contribution in the delineation of the Delvina Gas Field geological setting. 7th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society, Tirana, 7–10 October, 2013.
    [Google Scholar]

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