In the presented report the essay for optimizing development strategy of the synthetic outcrop model and estimation of STOOIP using proxy-model has been undertaken. The development relates to the geological model that describes Shestakovo’s outcrop, placed in the West-Syberia region. The described outcrop shows fluvial-deltaic deposition environment, fluvial formation characterized by braided river with layered structure and average petrophysical properties ϕ=25%, k=200mD. For the proxy-modelling application it was necessary to suggest base case development strategy. After conducted analysis, case with horizontal wells and injectors (located out to the OWC) was chosen as base case and further optimization can be provided. Proxy-modelling was run in order to choose location of the horizontal wells that was increase amount of the cumulative oil production. The 15 training and 5 validation data was calculated using universal kriging proxy as most suitable for model complex responses. It was mentioned that boreholes tend to translate the wells to the zones with maximum value of NtG and poroperm properties. The estimation of STOOIP was done using proxy-modeling and through conventional method. The advantages of the proxy consist in the faster and optimal evaluation that can be considered on the large and heterogeneous reservoirs.


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