t of the Siberian platform) and the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma fold area have been carried out seismic observations to study the deep structure and its relation to mineral specialization of major geological provinces. The modeling results of the crust according to the waves in the first and second arrivals from the observations in offsets up to 40 km (refraction data) and deep seismic soundings up to 300-400 km are considered. The forward ray tracing method was used to model the spatial distribution of velocity irregularities. The correlation between the seismic inhomogeneity’s in the upper crust and tectonic units according to geological mapping (website vcegei.ru/pub_ggk1000/Verhoyano-Kolymskaya/p-56.php) is found. However, geological structures, extended to a depth of 6-8 km are different from the seismic features. Correlation between gravity Bouguer anomalies and velocity structure of the crust and upper mantle is considered. A number of regional velocity features identified in the crust, the geodynamic nature of which and their influence on the formation of surface geological structures remain unclear.


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