In this paper, I present a new methodology to estimate interval orthorhombic parameters in a 3D model with curvilinear orthorhombic layers. This methodology includes (i) pre-work survey design for interval orthorhombic parameter estimates, (ii) the non-linear constrained first break inversion and (iii) uncertainty analysis of estimated anisotropic parameters. To estimate interval orthorhombic parameters and symmetry plane direction, connected with fracture orientation, we use the non-linear adaptive constrained optimization with applying the Levenberg-Marquardt method. Dipping boundaries, interval velocities and anisotropic parameters are simultaneously estimated through the least squares method with adaptive stabilizing weights. Model tests show that we do not need expensive 3D vertical seismic profile (3DVSP) survey for building an accurate 3D multi-layered orthorhombic model. This approach was applied to a 3DVSP dataset.


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