The Vaca Muerta Formation is the main source rock in the Neuquén basin and is now being targeted as an unconventional reservoir. Chemostratigraphic signatures of five facies from the lower Vaca Muerta are used to calibrate elemental and isotopic chemostratigraphic signatures identified for the rest of the Formation. High frequency stratigraphic sequences identified in core are related to lower frequency sequences on a broader correlation based on log signature combined with elemental and isotopic data. Well correlation is based on a sequence stratigraphic interpretation where HST’s are characterized by large Ca positive excursions and TST’s contain high Mo and Ni peaks, especially towards the bottom of the interval. Element-TOC correlations show Ni and Cu as best proxies for TOC. In addition, correlations of TOC with Si, Ni, Mo and Ca depict elemental cutoff values for low (<2 wt.%) moderate (2–5 wt.%) and high (>5 wt.%) TOC values.


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