Seismic attenuation is often observed for P-wave and S-waves. At the seismic frequencies of cross-well data, the viscoelastic effects cannot be neglected. In this paper, we propose a method of full-wave inversion for viscoelastic media. Optimization inversion techniques based on a least-square formalism are used. In this framework, analytical expressions of the misfit function gradient, based on the adjoint technique in the time domain, allow one to solve the inverse problem with a high number of parameters and for a completely heterogeneous medium. The full-wave inversion method is applied to a cross-well synthetic 2-component dataset generated using a 2D model with different viscoelastic regions. Four parameter fields are estimated, P-wave velocity, S-wave velocity, and the quality factors for the bulk and shear moduli. The results show that for multi-parameter estimation, the viscoelastic parameters are not well recovered but contribute significantly in the determination of the elastic parameters.


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