In order to improve forecasting possibility of DNME the study was conducted to determine the possibility of the quantitative prediction of a presumed HC field volume through the statistical interrelation of DNME polarization parameters and the effective capacitance of reservoir for wells. The HC fields in the Northern Caspian with the dense system of DNME lines were taken as reference area. Such system of lines allowed choosing the conditional material for experimental work. Capacitive data for 8 wells were used. The statistical interrelation of polarization parameters and the effective capacitance manifests itself through values of IP response averaged in a certain radius. The experimental data on the relationship of the polarizability coefficient and effective reservoir capacity showed good agreement with their theoretical relationship. Results of ANOVA showed obvious significance of the studied polarization parameters. The relationship between the DNME parameters and the capacitive parameters of the geological medium (according to well data) identified during the analysis allows to make more accurate prediction for the investigated area.


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