Since the CO2SINK project start in April 2004, different methods involving seismics, geoelectrics and pressure-temperature monitoring have been applied at the Ketzin pilot site to map geological structures and assess CO2 distribution and movement. One 3D baseline seismic survey prior to CO2 injection and two 3D repeat seismic surveys during CO2 injection have proven that the 3D time-lapse surface seismic method is an effective tool for providing good quality images of the CO2 plume. In the autumn of 2015, a third 3D repeat seismic survey, serving as the first post-injection survey, was acquired. The preliminary results show that the predominant westward trend of the CO2 migration is in agreement with the previous results. No CO2 migration upwards through the caprock was detected. The decrease in the size of CO2 plume may be related to ongoing dissolution into the saline formation water.


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