Our proposal provides post-migration techniques for computing angle-domain common-image gathers (CIGs) from seismic images, extended by the subsurface offset, in relation with wave-equation migration methods. In addition to the commonly used decomposition of the scattering-angles, we associate the wave-equation migration with dip-domain image gathers as well. Our methodology suggests a system of Radon transform operators by introducing local transform relations between the subsurface offset image and the angle-domain components. The same subsurface offset extended image is employed to decompose scattering and dip angle CIGs individually, or to decompose a multi-angle CIG by showing simultaneously both angles on the gather’s axis.

It is our belief that dip-angle information, decomposed by wave-equation migration, would have a great impact in making the scattering-angle reflection coefficient more reliable and noise-free, in addition to the expected acceleration of wave-equation inversion methods.


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