This work presents the formulation of a novel Projection-based Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (pEDFM), and its integration into an algebraic multiscale procedure. Similar to EDFM, pEDFM constructs independent grids for the matrix and fracture domains. However, as a significant step forward, it is able to accurately model the effect of fractures with general conductivity contrasts relative to the matrix, including impermeable flow barriers. This is achieved by automatically adjusting the matrix transmissibility field, in accordance to the conductivity of neighboring fracture networks. Then, in order to extend the pEDFM to real-field applications, F-AMS-pEDFM is introduced, which is an extension of the recently developed algebraic multiscale solver, F-AMS [Ţene et al., 2016], to include pEDFM. The performance (efficiency and scalability) of F-AMS-pEDFM is investigated extensively for challenging two- and three-dimensional scenarios with complex fracture geometries and a wide range of conductivity contrasts. Moreover, F-AMS-pEDFM is benchmarked against the commercial SAMG solver, where CPU time is monitored during both the setup and solution phases. The results support the conclusions that (1) pEDFM significantly outperforms the original EDFM model, and (2) the F-AMS-pEDFM approach proposed in this work is an accurate and efficient method for field-scale simulation of flow in fractured reservoirs.


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