Determination of ground and building characteristics is important to provide against earthquakes. KTU Farabi Hospital is located in Trabzon and approximately 150 km distance from the North Anatolian Fault which is the most dangerous fault system in Turkey. In this study, 10 microtremor recordings were collected in the building and ground. The measurements taken in the building were recorded at (-2)nd, 1st, 4th, 7th, 11th floors and repeated day and night except 1st and 7th floors. The recordings were evaluated with Geopsy program according to Nakamura Method. The predominant frequencies were obtained averagely 1.66 Hz for the building and 7.65 Hz for the ground. The resonance risk is low because these two average frequencies are not close to each other. The damping ratios were calculated by using Half Power Method. The damping ratios are matching with the predominant frequencies and averagely 0.09% for the building and 0.23% for the outside points. Finally, the horizontal components of the all measurements were divided by each other to detect transfer function of the building to Floor Spectral Ratio Method. According to this dividing it can be said that the predominant frequencies are almost the same with the predominant frequencies obtained from Nakamura Method.


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