The study of salt structures is an important challenge because of its economic implications. In this work La Rosa Diapir has been taken as an example of salt structure because is still active showing an outcrop in good conditions. This diapir is located on Eastern External Prebetic (in Jumilla, southeast Spain). The aim of this work was to perform a reconnaissance MT survey to obtain a first interpretation of the diapir area with this technique. This area is moderately populated and its geological structure is complex. The profile ran along NW-SE direction, and 16 stations were collected on it. The distance between them was approximately 800 m. The effect of the power lines were detected in the apparent resistivity curves, and the shift filters showed its capacity to reduce it. The dimensional analysis confirmed that the geoelectrical structure is 3D. Since the data have been recorded along a profile, the interpretation is based on the determinant of impedance. The results in the area indicate that the geoelectrical structure is quite conductive and no clear traces of resistive bodies can be seen.


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