Microtremor measurement obtained by ground vibrations is one of the useful methods for determination of ground characteristics. Also the method has been using to specify building resonance risk during earthquakes in the last decades. In this study, single station microtremor recordings have been taken on the ground and at the 6 buildings in the KTU campus area. The measurements taken on the ground and in the buildings have been evaluated by Nakamura (H/V ratio) method. The eastern of the campus area presents Class-IV and the middle and western part of the campus present Class-II- Class-III according to Kanai and Tanaka ground classification. The predominant frequencies of the buildings are not in a harmony with the values of the ground. It can be deduce that the resonance risk is low for these buildings during the earthquakes. The H/V ratios of the ground change between 1-3 and lower than the buildings ratios which change between 5.0-8.5.


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