The main oil production object design U1-2 of field Kraynee drilled on various development systems. This geological object is currently under active development for the period 2012–2015 drilled 126 wells. Due to the small oil-saturated thickness and low permeability reservoir of the object from the drilling of directional wells has moved to drilling horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing conduct in the development and direction of different horizontal sections. Analysis of the efficiency of reserves recovery on units with different systems of development have shown that a clear advantage of any system the location of wells for the Jurassic sediments have not been identified.


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  1. «Пересчет геологических запасов нефти, растворенного газа и сопутствующих компонентов Крайнего нефтяного месторождения» по состоянию на 01.01.2009 г., (протокол ГКЗ Роснедра № 2127-дсп от 17.02.2010 г), ОАО «ЦГЭ», Москва, 2010.
    [Google Scholar]
  2. «Дополнение к Технологической схеме разработки Крайнего нефтяного месторождения», утверждено ЦКР Роснедра по УВС № 6160 от 25.12.2014 г., ООО «Газпромнефть НТЦ», Санкт-Петбург-Тюмень, 2014.
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