-The QI-PP technologies are employed in Sakhalin Energy for several purposes, e.g.:

  • o For seismic 4D monitoring in regards to changes in pressure (depletion/ injection), or in saturation or fluid types (water front, gas cap presence/extension). Therefore, the elastic rock properties were defined to predict the seismic response away from well control, and 1D and 2D synthetics were generated and studied for important reservoir settings.
  • o For fluid type appraisal, e.g. oil-water contacts in development targets or for thin oil rim detectability.

-Sakhalin Energy Petrophysicists are receiving training on the QI-PP-technologies by the in-house QI-PP specialist. That training is intended to allow the Petrophysicists to conduct QI-PP technologies by themselves in the future (co-assess the feasibility of upcoming 4D campaigns and support the 4D-interpretation and de-risking of Sakhalin Energy’s development targets).

Some results:

The geomechanical analysis on recently acquired cores in both the Lunskoye and Astokh assets allows defining how effective pressures alter the seismic velocities. These results will be included to support predicting the effects of pressure changes by injection and depletion on seismic data, quantitatively.

Recent QI-PP studies demonstrated that residual or migrating gas is present in the LUN aquifers and that the oil rim is seismically barely visible.


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