A key challenge in the calibration of geomechanical model is about the representativity of laboratory samples for the in-situ reservoir rock properties. This paper addresses the two following aspects of this challenge for a giant carbonate reservoir in Abu Dhabi:

  1. The comparison of several independent testing data sets for the same core reveals the impact of the time elapsed between coring and testing on the results of these tests and
  2. The systematic mismatch of these data sets with the wireline sonic log highlights the difficulties inherent to the upscaling of properties measured on plug samples.

These points have important implications for core analysis programs, especially the handling and preservations of samples dedicated to long and expensive test sequences, and to decide to which extent a wireline sonic velocity log could be used for the upscaling of rock mechanical tests results.

The scratch test provides a solution to this challenge:

  1. estimate the evolution of the mechanical properties of rock over time, which is useful to correct an eventual drift due to the change of core sample conditions. This will ultimately lead to a significant reduction of the uncertainty in geomechanical models
  2. the opportunity to create continuous profiles of ultrasonic velocities on dry unconfined core samples. This offers an ideal intermediate for the QCing and the correction of wireline sonic logs pior to their use for the upscaling of static elastic moduli from rock mechanical tests

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