A significant part of existing oilfields are in late stage of development,it’s leading to problems with high water cut and reduction in hydrocarbon production. One of the main reason is water break-through from high permeability reservoir intervals. In this regard,one of the most important object of IOR methods is to enhance efficiency of water-blocking solutions. Into the object the main task is developing high effective solutions for selective blocking high-permeability water-bearing intervals and involvement low permeability oil-saturated intervals into production.

Results of wells operation monitoring are presented in article. The technology based on application of emulsion for selective blocking water-bearing intervals into reservoir. On the results of 6 months wells monitoring data analysis,treated due oilfield tests were determined that the technology allowed to decrease water-cut on 10% and increase oil production twice.

On the results of carried out by lab research it was proposed to improve provided technology by applying emulsion with SiO2 nanoparticles content. Physicochemical properties of new emulsion solution better in rheology and stability in compare with standard emulsions and its might increment the time of technological efficiency. The lab research showed that the addition of SiO2 nanoparticles allows reach better physicochemical properties both hydrophilic and hydrophobic type of emulsions.


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