Interest in MASW (Multi-channel spectral analysis of surface waves) has grown over the last 15 years. The reasons for this interest lie in the awareness of the importance of determining the dynamic properties of the upper part of the section and in need for a simple and reliable enough method. The phase velocity of the surface wave SV-P in a layered model is a frequency function of the P-wave velocity, S-wave velocity, density and layer thickness. We have been studied MASW method in two versions: the classic version on the common shot seismograms and CMPCC modification. Synthetic examples demonstrate the effectiveness and stability of Vs and thickness calculation. In real data example, MASW results have been compared with the refraction wave method. MASW method can and should be used actively in the engineering seismic. In complex seismological conditions it is recommended to use MASW methodology on SH transverse waves. The resulting dependence Vs (z) agrees well with the refraction data. One should always keep in mind the non-uniqueness of the solution. Viewing and editing of automatically picked dispersion curves is the most difficult and important operation in all MASW procedure.


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