The main challenging for offshore Korchagina field development is drilling, completion and following field operations of ERD wells with more than 5000 meters of open hole horizontal section.The use of conventional PLT jobs is limited for this project due to limitations on access to wellheads and difficulties for PLT tool reach total depth of the wells. As alternative to PLT jobs the permanent monitoring systems were considered. This paper is dedicated to Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft experience for using system of permanent chemical tracers (runing on lower completion) as a permanent well monitoring system. The following tasks of the permanent monitoring system were considered during 3 years of pilot job: wellbore cleanup efficiency evaluation, quntative inflow profiling estimation and tracking its changes over time, gas and water breakthrough zones localization. The proposed new inflow profile evaluation method (with the aid of chemical tracers (installed on well completion elements) and mathematical model) helps tackle a wide range of issues associated with traditional field geophysical surveys without conducting such surveys.


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