One of the main focuses of the geoscience industry is to constrain reservoir models to 3D and 4D seismic data using quantitative workflows that are suitable for model updating and history matching. Seismic history matching (SHM) closes the loop and minimizes the misfit between the observed 4D seismic and that predicted by the reservoir model. A key problem in formulating this misfit function is a lack of understanding as to how uncertainties in the seismic data, petroelastic model and simulation model interact. This can lead to lengthy and time consuming workflows. This study presents a simple and interactive way of visualizing these uncertainties whilst optimizing the SHM. The approach is applied initially to a synthetic example, and then to two different field datasets from the UKCS and Norwegian Sea. The results demonstrate that qualitative updates can be successfully applied to the simulation model in the presence of uncertainty in the PEM and noise in the 4D seismic data.


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