This study investigates using a combination of seismic forward modelling with frequency decomposition (FD) and colour blending analysis with the aim of better understanding what the major controlling factors on the frequency response are and how this impacts the spectral interference colour patterns observed in FD colour blends. Examples are provided using data from the Scarborough giant gas accumulation, offshore Northwest Australia. Forward modelling of reflectivity is common practice in the oil and gas industry, generally used to provide information on amplitude and phase changes which may occur in response to changes in a model. By incorporating frequency decomposition and red-green-blue (RGB) colour blending into the workflow there may be potential to detect subtle changes within the data, since the interplay between three band-restricted frequency volumes produces a colour blend which is extremely sensitive to frequency change and can often highlight features or trends not seen in full frequency or bandpass volumes. Increasing understanding of FD colour blends may aid in supporting or disproving interpretations made using other lines of evidence, as well as potentially allowing additional geological insights to be made, such as identification of facies, fluids, thicknesses and other changes in reservoir characteristics based on frequency response.


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