Land data seismic processing has always been a task of great challenge for industry, part because of statics problem and part because of the level of noise this kind of data usually has. In this paper we discuss the importance of a powerful filtering flow, designed for a special case scenario where there is a high level noise land data with duration of 20 seconds. We tested a recursive-iterative Singular Spectrum Analysis (RI-SSA) method, in time and frequency domain, on a subset of a regional transect seismic line of the Parnaíba basin (Northeast of Brazil), with the idea of map deep structures from crust and interface crust-mantle. Since the structures of interest are between 8 and 15 seconds, only low frequency is desired. For this, we have applied the RI-SSA method along the time variable, to explore the correlation between the reflections, followed by the filtering, along the frequency variable, to explore the correlation between seismograms. The obtained results are very satisfactory.


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