Relay ramps act often as conduits for fluid flow in producing hydrocarbon reservoirs. The two bounding faults can however be at the limit of seismic resolution and not correctly interpreted. We present an integrated workflow combining flow simulation in a geomodel of an outcrop relay ramp, forward seismic modelling and seismic attribute-based volume extraction. In the chosen outcrop of the Arches National Park (Utah, USA), the petrophysical properties are conditioned by deformation bands present in the sandstone, and are used to run a simple water injector—oil producer fluid-flow simulation. Pre-stack depth-migration seismic images are obtained at several stages of the flow simulation, showing fluid contact evolution. The seismic image porosity changes when the model is oil-saturated, whereas the water—oil contacts have stronger amplitude contrasts at later stages. With an adapted attribute-based workflow, we extract geobodies corresponding to the faults, the relay ramp and the fluid bodies from the three seismic cubes.


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