The deep marine Alvheim field is located in the Central North Sea, offshore Norway. Overall reservoir management, placement of infill wells and the generation of reliable production forecasts for the field requires a dynamic model that is derived from a realistic geologic 3D model, the fundamental building blocks of which are a seismically defined structural framework and 3D facies model. Building, maintaining and updating such reservoir models is a major element in the day-to-day work of geoscientists and reservoir engineers and this article describes a case study that summarizes the methods used in the 3D geologic modeling of the Alvheim reservoirs, with a focus on facies modeling. Continuous improvement processes have resulted in the generation of pre-defined workflows for reproduction/updating of models within a realistic time frame, where manual editing of the grid and/or properties are avoided. The facies modeling workflow is combining state-of-the-art modeling techniques based on input from conceptual models, well data, seismic maps, seismic spectral decomposition data, seismic impedance data and feedback from the history match process.


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