We present an application of seismic full-waveform inversion (FWI) with scaled-Sobolev preconditioning (SSP -after ) to a field seismic dataset. The data were collected over a crooked line with rough topography, using only short offsets, and no low frequency content. As is often the case with land data, this presents a number of challenges for processing with FWI. The reservoir of interest is the Utica Shale in eastern Ohio, USA, which sits at depths between 2.2 km and 2.5 km in the study area. We limited our inversions to approximately 0.6 km in depth, due to the narrow range of offsets. Constraining the velocity structure in the very near surface is essential to recovering the velocity structure at greater depths through subsequent migration processing. The FWI results are validated by a comparison of forward-modelled data to field data, and by a scrutiny of the coherencies of the recovered source signatures.


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