Lake Nasser It is the main water reservoir for the whole Egyptian territory. Besides its annual hydrological cycle, it is capped by a thick permeable Nubian Sandstone cover. Recent data from satellite spatial and temporal altimeter and gravity data have been utilized on the current research. The research tests the potentiality of using satellite data to evaluate spatial configuration and temporal capacity variation of underground basin reservoirs. It was able to reveal underground water capacity storage of the Nubian aquifer. Spatial gravity data from GOCE was able to figure out the underground sedimentary basin in and around Lake Nasser precisely. The spatial gravity map indicates that the sand basin is structurally complicated. On the other hand, Satellite altimeter shows to be a valuable source of data to monitor Lake level variation. Temporal gravity variation from GRACE shows that the hydrology responsible for the temporal gravity pattern. Monthly data from GRACE estimate the irregularities of the water income


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