A large amount of data on the structure of the sedimentary cover in the Eurasian Basin was obtained during the Russian seismic expeditions in 2011, 2012, and 2014. These data allow to analyze the zoning of the Eurasian Basin structure.

A number of the reliably traceable linear magnetic anomalies are fewer in the direction from west to east. Eastward from 75° E, there is a clear asymmetry of the potential fields anomalies about to the modern spreading axis, located in the rift valley of the Gakkel Ridge. The observed pattern of magnetic anomalies can be explained by the spreading axis jump in the eastern part of the basin in the Miocene. On a large area in the Eurasian Basin, linear magnetic anomalies are questionable. Joint interpretation of magnetic, gravity, and new seismic data provided opportunity to outline in the Eurasian Basin: Gakkel Ridge area (up to magnetic anomaly 5, ∼10–12 ma), area formed from the Early Oligocene (borders near anomaly 13), area formed from the Early Eocene (borders near anomaly 24), and extensive area of the Mesozoic oceanic basement.

The geodynamic model of the Eurasian Basin structure formation should be designed based on the new seismic data.


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