Forward modelling methods play a significant role in seismic exploration, the methods include seismic physical modelling and numerical modelling. Physical modelling has a higher similarity with the field exploration. Seismic physical modelling can not only obtain the wave field data which are more similar to that acquired from field, but also have higher signal-to-noise ratio for further data analysis and theoretical validation. The physical model has been used to study the seismic response characteristics of different structures, or to verify the validity of the theoretical method. In this paper, we designed and built a physical model with different quality factors using attenuating materials, and used 3D high accuracy acquisition system to imitate the acquisition conditions in the real. Attenuation characteristics of attenuating materials are very close to those of field stratum, such as the relationship between velocity and quality factor. Based on the seismic data acquired on physical models, we calculated quality factors by the spectral ratio method as is normally performed in the field case. Finally, we discussed the feasibility and error magnitude of physical modelling using attenuating materials.


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