Rocks are heterogeneous at all scales in composition, microstructure and petrophysical properties. Starting from representative sampling and quantifying microstructure together with measurement of rock properties in the laboratory, we show that it is necessary to treat different rock types in specially tailored workflows.

Our multiscale imaging technology combines the advantages of a novel virtual polarizing microscopy (ViP) with high-resolution scanning electron microscopy on broad-ion-beam sputtered sample surfaces (BIB-SEM). Automated image registration and segmentation allows a fast and reliable analysis of the microstructural features as well as the assessment of petrophysical properties. This unique combination of methods allows a comprehensive analysis of various rock types including identification of diagenetic features and the quantification of pore size distribution and effective porosity from the cm to nm- scale as shown for different carbonates and tight siliciclastic rocks. Results were used to develop new porosity models that can be used for upscaling and permeability assessment in digital rock models.


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