Conventional methods for positioning of the well bore during drilling are based on using down hole logging. Measurements from these tools are used to compute the well path. To get an understanding of where the well is in the subsurface the well path is projected onto the seismic image from the particular area. This procedure is, in general, problematic as there are uncertainties in the measurements, the seismic image and methods, and differences in accuracy between the methods in use. The surface seismic while drilling (SSWD) method is a new method that uses surface seismic to image well paths. The advantage of SSWD is that no down hole tools are needed to image the well. There is also no need for stopping the drilling operations to image the well. We discuss the SSWD and conventional methods for well bore positioning and show examples on how the SSWD method is used to home-in a relief well to stop a blowing well.


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