The features of techniques for petroelectrical investigations in rocks are discussed in the article. The electrical properties of rocks has been refined and applied non-standard method of laboratory tests to determine as a result of experimental laboratory works. The technology of laboratory researches of interim fluctuations petroelectrical parameters of extracted and saturated by model reservoir water of rock samples with direct current has been developed due to digital megohmmeter C.A. 6547 and multimeter UT-70B. Experimental studies of interim changes in electrical resistance of rock samples has been done according to developed technology. The developed method is based on two parameters of polarization. They are polarizability and polarization rate. Polarization rate is the derivative of polarizability. It characterizes the rate of change over the course of time of the polarizability (unit of measurement – percentage / a second). The polarization rate is an electrical parameter that has scarcely been used in laboratory petrophysical researches before. According to the results of laboratory measurements, the polarization rate has more stable correlation with physical and chemical properties of rocks than their polarizability. Thus, the polarization rate in combination with polarizability could be used to build complex petroelectrical models.


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